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George Dunlop Leslie

George Dunlop Leslie was born in 1835, the son of the prominent artist Charles Robert Leslie (1794-1859). He entered the Royal Academy School in 1854, began exhibiting at the RA in 1857 and was elected an Associate Royal Academician in 1868. Leslie was also part of the loose association of artists known as the St John’s Wood Clique who were at their height in the 1879s and 1880s, of which Philip Hermogenes Calderon, William Frederick Yeames, George Adolphus Storey, Fred Walker and Marcus Stone were members. In 1884 Leslie moved to Wallingford-on-Thames where he lived by the river, a setting which no doubt provided the landscape for A Town and Country Mouse.

 (700x532, 74Kb)

 (700x473, 204Kb)

 (640x463, 46Kb)

 (600x456, 44Kb)

 (600x360, 58Kb)

 (600x379, 68Kb)

 (484x480, 30Kb)

 (586x600, 51Kb)

 (475x480, 38Kb)

 (549x302, 254Kb)

 (443x600, 56Kb)

 (343x600, 14Kb)

 (447x600, 37Kb)

 (561x699, 194Kb)

 (337x512, 21Kb)

 (498x699, 223Kb)

 (479x699, 326Kb)

 (392x544, 283Kb)

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