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Henrietta Rae

Henrietta Rae was the wife of the painter Ernest Normand (married in 1884) and was one of the few female artists to tackle large-scale classical and allegorical subjects. Rae and her husband lived in Holland Park and were neighbours of Lord Leighton.

Rae began to study art at the age of thirteen, and was a pupil at Heatherley's and at the RA Schools. A medallist at the Paris and Chicago Universal Exhibitions. She exhibited from 1881 at the Royal Academy, Grosvenor Gallery, New Gallery and elsewhere. Her principal paintings are 'Ariadne' 1885; 'Ophelia' 1890 (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool); 'Flowers Plucked and Cast Aside' 1892; 'Sir Richard Whittington and his Charities' 1900 (fresco for the Royal Exchange); 'Portrait of Lady Tenterden and Echo' 1906; 'Hylas and the Water Nymphs' 1910.

 (430x700, 181Kb)

 (525x331, 137Kb)

 (244x500, 23Kb)

 (324x500, 38Kb)

 (409x500, 43Kb)

 (300x585, 214Kb)

 (544x698, 143Kb)

 (400x525, 171Kb)

 (388x600, 62Kb)

 (431x600, 57Kb)

 (416x600, 76Kb)

 (340x500, 35Kb)

 (332x651, 133Kb)

 (356x698, 148Kb)

 (390x500, 40Kb)

 (526x438, 170Kb)

 (500x348, 33Kb)

 (672x461, 106Kb)

 (700x497, 56Kb)

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